Did You Know?

  • Of all the varieties of chocolate available, from white to milk, dark chocolate is the healthiest.
  • Dark chocolate contains high levels of antioxidants that work to reduce your risk of cancer.
  • Dark chocolate contains flavonoids that can decrease your blood pressure.
  • The flavonoids in dark chocolate also help blood flow more smoothly, decreasing your risk of heart attack.
  • The flavonoids in chocolate that help your blood flow more smoothly also improve your cardiovascular function.
  • Some suggest the phenylethylamine in dark chocolate stimulates the nervous system, acting as an aphrodisiac.
  • Cocoa contains substances known to kill the bacteria in your mouth that cause tooth decay and cavities.
  • The higher cocoa content a chocolate has, the bigger the health benefit.
  • White chocolate has none of the antioxidant benefits of other chocolates since it contains no cocoa.
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April 13, 2017

STAMazing Race!

Don't miss out on the "sweetest" chip-timed 5k run of the year!

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What happens when local a craft brewing company and a local chocolate factory make a baby?

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Join us for live music on our Ingersoll store patio, Kathy's Courtyard, all summer long.

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Join us Saturday, November 15th, for the Stam Chocolate Charity Run at Seven Flags Event Center!

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August 19, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

What happens when chocolate replaces the ice in the challenge? Chocolaterie Stam is proud to support ALS and puts a unique twist on the challenge sweeping the nation for a good cause.

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July 03, 2014

Stam Stage Summer Series

Join us for live music at our Ingersoll store in Des Moines all summer long!

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