Did You Know?

  • Of all the varieties of chocolate available, from white to milk, dark chocolate is the healthiest.
  • Dark chocolate contains high levels of antioxidants that work to reduce your risk of cancer.
  • Dark chocolate contains flavonoids that can decrease your blood pressure.
  • The flavonoids in dark chocolate also help blood flow more smoothly, decreasing your risk of heart attack.
  • The flavonoids in chocolate that help your blood flow more smoothly also improve your cardiovascular function.
  • Some suggest the phenylethylamine in dark chocolate stimulates the nervous system, acting as an aphrodisiac.
  • Cocoa contains substances known to kill the bacteria in your mouth that cause tooth decay and cavities.
  • The higher cocoa content a chocolate has, the bigger the health benefit.
  • White chocolate has none of the antioxidant benefits of other chocolates since it contains no cocoa.

Our History is as Rich as Our Chocolate

Welcome to Chocolaterie Stam, a modern chocolaterie steeped in old-world, Dutch traditions. Since 1913, our family has been proudly handcrafting exceptional white, milk and dark chocolate bonbons and other indulgent confections for Europe and the U.S.

Beginning with just a brick of Dutch chocolate made from the same recipe perfected over 100 years ago, we make each of our fanciful creations in a secret process that can take up to two days. From our hand painted chocolates that taste of merlot to our buttery caramels to our truffles filled with fresh cream, fruits and nuts - our cases are piled high with flavors, textures and shapes that demonstrate Stam's unparalleled attention to detail. It takes great skill, commitment and passion to produce the highest quality chocolates available and our team of third generation chocolatiers is dedicated to maintaining the reputation of quality our family-owned business has built. In each of our stores, the traditions that began over a century ago with Jacobus Stam are very much alive and well today.

A trip to Chocolaterie Stam is an experience like no other. It's not just the taste of our treats you'll love - it's the intoxicating scent of fresh truffles that fills the room, the inviting warmth of our cozy shops and the exciting experience of selecting your own favorite sweets to take home and slowly explore.

Sure, you've tasted chocolate before - but nothing better than this.