Did You Know?

  • Of all the varieties of chocolate available, from white to milk, dark chocolate is the healthiest.
  • Dark chocolate contains high levels of antioxidants that work to reduce your risk of cancer.
  • Dark chocolate contains flavonoids that can decrease your blood pressure.
  • The flavonoids in dark chocolate also help blood flow more smoothly, decreasing your risk of heart attack.
  • The flavonoids in chocolate that help your blood flow more smoothly also improve your cardiovascular function.
  • Some suggest the phenylethylamine in dark chocolate stimulates the nervous system, acting as an aphrodisiac.
  • Cocoa contains substances known to kill the bacteria in your mouth that cause tooth decay and cavities.
  • The higher cocoa content a chocolate has, the bigger the health benefit.
  • White chocolate has none of the antioxidant benefits of other chocolates since it contains no cocoa.
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Mini Moon Pies

The cow jumped over it, Neil Armstrong landed on it, and… ...we’re over the moon for this recipe. In honor of the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing on July 20th, we present our version of the moon pie.

Stam Chocolate Pineapple Tapas

Boca is what Central American’s call them. In Mexico, they are known as botanas. In Spain, they are called tapas

Chocolate Egg Cream

We’re just cwazy about the fact that is Easter is almost here! So, we've created an “old-timey” drink recipe using our Stam Chocolate syrup.

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